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Glycolic Ingredients to Reduce that Pigmentation you’ve been Fighting

Glycolic is an exfoliating ingredient that gives you a deeper level of exfoliation enhancing that glowing skin you’ve been wanting. 

Glycolic is a fantastic ingredient that helps soften and lighten pigmentation when used correctly and consistently. 

Within our facial peel we offer a glyco wash and glycolic peel. 

Within the facial we start off with a foaming gel cleanser that works hard to combat blemishes, breakouts, dullness and the pigmentation that you’ve been wanting to hide. 

Combining glycolic acid and slow-release salicylic acid, the decongesting formula penetrates the pores, unclogs excess oil, expels impurities, removes dead, dull cells and helps to stimulate cell regeneration. 

Ice Globes

Antioxidant pomegranate enzyme further exfoliates and helps to reduce the visibility of irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles. The complexion is left fresh, healthier looking, more even and radiant.

Within the facial peel treatment these ingredients help penetrate the skin and leave your skin not only looking fresh but also feeling soft and smoother. 

Many of our regular clients for our peels often say how wonderful their skin feels afterwards. 

Now following a peel with our glycolic acid you will be given an aftercare leaflet and it’s very important that you follow to prevent damage or irritation to the skin. 

Please note prior to this treatment you will need to fill in a consultation card, weekly treatments are available as part of a course and your percentage will be discussed on your first treatment. 

If you are wanting to reduce your pigmentation then book a peel today, within the treatment we also offer LED to soothe the skin along with aid in rejuvenation and vitality boost of the skin. 

You can book your facial today via the online booking page

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