The Purpose Of A Body Exfoliation Treatment..

This Month we explain the purpose of a body exfoliation treatment, the benefits, the purpose behind it and why you should be opting for one all year round not just before your holidays.

We offer a body exfoliation package which involves us start by dry brushing of the body which is a hand held body brush where we sweep the skin dry to aid circulation and remove the dead skin cells that sit on your top of skin, those dry patches on your skin are dead skin cells build up and skin that is dehydrated.

One we have completed the dry brushing you will then start to unwind and relax drifting away and forgetting the outside world, we use a mandarin and black pepper infused exfoliation for this part of the treatment.

The purpose of the ingredients within this treatment is to help exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance skin renewal.

The black pepper helps promote blood circulation and provides nutrients to your skin, its also had great anti bacterial properties.

The Mandarin is rich in nutrients which helps with the skin renewal side of the treatment.

The product also has jojoba oil as a base oil within the scrub which helps hydrate and condition the skin.

Following the exfoliation part of the treatment your skin will be hydrated with a nourishing body butter to completely transform your skin.

It is important to keep your skin in good condition not just from an ageing point of view, also to prevent dry skin conditions, eczema flare ups,psoriasis.

The exfoliation also helps prevent in growing hair and unclog pores.

We recommend body exfoliation treatments within the salon every 6 weeks. (We also include a hand,foot and scalp massage how relaxing is that ?)

Our top homecare tip would to exfoliate your skin in the shower or bath, in circular motions to keep your skin lovely and soft along with hydrated. This should be done once - two times a week paying specific attention to elbows, knees, feet.

You can book your body exfoliation package by clicking this link and securing your skin rejuvenation time.

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