Stress Awareness

This month, sees stress awareness amongst us.

Many people do not realise they are stressed, I for one can agree with this statement.

Stress can creep up on you, but looking back you can see some alerts that if you was aware of them would of helped manage the situation.

We all live busy lifestyles more than we did, work life is more demanding that it ever has, with work emails more accessible on our phones and tablets, sometimes there is no getting away from work especially when you are working from home.

Working from home brings it own stresses too as you may not have the ideal set up to be able to do this efficiently and be able to switch off from work when you finish, after all checking your work is easy to do whilst your cooking tea and your kitchen table has now become your office.

With the world being a little challenging at the moment, it makes sense to be aware of stress, what is is and how it can be avoided or at least managed.

Stress signs and symptoms may include some of the following:


Poor sleeping habits

Anxiety and agitation



Obsessive Compusilve disorders


Poor eating habits

How to help limit stress

Self Care - Face Mask, Bath Bomb, Candles

Reading a book

Listening to music


Have a massage

Get outdoors in the fresh air

Limit screen time

Find a hobbie


A little challenge this month,

With stress awareness being on our minds, pick one focus point this month to help reduce your stress. You can choose one of our recommendations, or you may have your own.

Put yourself first today, look after yourself and your mind.


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