SPF and why you should be using it...

You may of heard we have been talking more about our skincare Charlie locks and SPF.

Our skin has changed whether it’s due to dehydration, hormonal, pandemic stress or due to the mask wearing.

You do need a home-care routine at home along side a monthly regime at the salon.

During your professional treatment you will have deep cleansing movements which will remove impurities, breakdown toxins, stimulate circulation and give you that deeper cleanse and professional standard facial.

Your home treatments help keep your skin in good condition and hydrated, Some products have active ingredients in that help with fine lines and wrinkles along with dark circles such as our serum and eye gel in our Charlie locks range.

That being said your most important item that should be in your skincare bag should be a SPF.

This should be used every day without fail, We never leave home without it it really is as important. This product prevent your skin being damaged by the harmful rays that we cannot physically see.

It should be a product in itself not in your moisturiser or your make up as simply that won’t be enough percentage of Ingredient to protect your skin from damage.

UV is very harmful to the skin as it’s quite destructive to the skin damaging and causing your skin to age quicker than it should be not to mention the risk of skin cancer caused by lesions forming.

We both use a Beauty Lab SPF which we use within our facial treatments, that’s right when you come for your facial and dermalux appointments we apply this for you as skincare professionals why wouldn’t we.

If there is one thing you do today after reading this drop me a message to order your SPF, let’s protect your skin from today. None of us should be ageing quicker than we should especially when we can avoid it.

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