Self Care Sunday

For the past two Sunday's, I've made sure I do my little pamper routine,

Il tell you why - mentally there is something great about doing a little self care pamper getting dressed up to feel refreshed and it helps you feel more uplifted.

Sunday for me is where i need that push, here is what I do :

Feet - Buff my heels and apply a nourishing foot cream.

Face Mask - Cleanse my face and apply a face mask and lie down for 15 minutes. I hot towel it off apply moisteriser and apply my lip balm.

Straighten my hair not that I've got anywhere to go but for me it makes me feel "done".

Finally I put on my favourite clothes and its amazing how much I feel better not wearing leggings and jumpers.

Mum does it too, she will do her pamper routine and put on her nice clothes and for that day you do feel better about yourself and it keeps you focused and that's the main thing.

What will you take from this ? Will you being setting time each sunday for your self care routine and joining us ?

I would love to know what you include in your self care routine.



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