Prepare for your wax..

We are on a countdown to reopening, With it looking likely that we will be opening within 3 weeks time.

It's a perfect time to prepare for getting back into the salon for your waxing services.

Depending on your hair growth now would be a time to step away from the homecare options of razors and hair removal cream what may of been your go to option in this lockdown period.

Here is why you should start preparing now..

Your hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch to get the best out of your wax and enable me to remove your hair from the root.

A two week hair growth is an ideal time frame to ensure your hair is an ideal length.

My hair grows slow steph..

You will probably need to step away from alternative hair removal methods this week to allow 2 -3 weeks growth.

My hair grows quick steph...

You will be able to start your prepare for waxing schedule two weeks prior to us opening/ your booked appointment.

How do I know if they are long enough steph...

If you are able to grasp the hair without pinching the skin they are long enough.

The reason I advise a certain level of hair and that you start preparing for the wax service now, it really does help achieve the best wax. It also helps the hair remove from the root, instead of not coming out at all or breaking hairs.

If you suffer from in growing hair now is the time to start exfoliation once - twice a week.

Lets get you wax prepared and get your appointment booked!



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