Let's Improve Our Nails

For the past week I have been really focusing on my skin and nails.

This weather combined with hand washing and cleaning products is playing havoc on my skin!

I wanted to share with you what I will be doing to improve the condition of my skin and nails.

Everything we consume plays a part in the make up of our skin. I am focusing on adding these into my diet. Simple swaps can make a big difference,Here are my 7 top foods to make a difference.


Lean meat


Leafy Greens



Whole Grains

I've learnt I now like kale,its actually nice and full of minerals to help me get my skin and nails in order.

I've also started taking a product called skin quencher which is collagen enriched supplements for the skin. I will keep you updated on that one.

Here is a interesting fact for you, Did you know your shampoo can actually affect your nails too ?

Crazy but if your using a shampoo to help combat oils in your hair you may also be taking those oils out of your nails whilst washing your hair.

I am starting my own little 6 week challenge!

I'm going to commit to drinking more water (limit my coffee I've gone back up to 3 a day ).

Have lean meat and fish each week along side upping my veg which may be easier now I like kale and spinach.

I'm going to commit to using hand cream each morning and evening along with a collagen mask every 3 weeks and a cuticle oil application 3 times a week.

Who's joining me ?

As you may have previously read I need to keep focussed and doing this not only is something for me to focus on but also improving my nails in the long run. Perfect combination I'd say.

I have made up care packs to get you started if you wanted to do it with me, Find them on the shop and enter a code "Fixme" and you will recieve a free gift with your order. (Includes Free delivery)

Let's do this, Who's with me ?


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