How often should I be getting a Lycon Wax ?

Waxing is less stressful and time consuming than shaving, you don’t have to worry about what your wearing, worrying about shaving on holiday is a no go - Who wants to worry about hair growth on holiday, you should be enjoying your holiday without having to shave before you go out.

Waxing will slow the hair growth down, Waxing sees great results once you can get consistent.

With facial waxing such as brows,lips and chin you would be looking at 3-4 weeks before needing another wax.

Some people may need a wax every 2-3 weeks depending on your hair type, hair growth and colour of hair. I can advise you on this on your initial appointment although majority do sit in the 3-4 weeks as Lycon hot wax does deliver great long lasting results.

With Underarm waxing you would typically get 4-6 weeks for an underarm wax, which is perfect for summer!

Bikini tends to be 3-5 weeks for the best results, keeping consistent with your wax will slow the hair growth down, your hair will be finer and will eventually become sparse.

Intimate waxing you would ideally having this every 4 weeks for best results, Some of my clients opt to have this every 3 weeks to keep a fresh feel, although the majority have this wax once a month.

Lycon hot wax is designed for intimate areas, you will notice even after your first wax your hair will grow back softer, you won’t get that sharp, stubble that comes with the dreaded rashes and razor bumps.

Your hair will grow through softer,finer and smoother.

With all waxing we are removing the hair from its follicle over time the follicle stops producing the hair hence your waxing area results in less hair over time of keeping consistent with your wax.

Finally legs we still use Lycon, We used Lycon strip wax, which is gentle on the skin, it’s considered 50% less painful compared to over waxes.

Leg waxing you can see results lasting as long as 6 weeks, the same happens with strip waxing on the legs you can expect less hair coming through over time.

If you are fed up of shaving and would like smooth hair free skin for summer, book your appointment today and start your waxing journey.

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