How I am staying focused during lockdown.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Whether your working through the pandemic as one of our much needed heroes and key workers, I thank you no matter what job role you are in - I wanted to say your doing great!

Home schooling I applaud you, you are also doing great!

Here is how I'm staying focused during lockdown - this is the third time the salon has had to close so we know how to stay focus now.

Here are my top tips of what I do, I hope these can help you too.

Get outdoors

I have to get outside every day for 30 minutes. This generally is the best thing for me mentally at the moment.

I take my earphones and I tune in to spotify and listen to either something cheesy like pop music or good old dance music that's typically played at your aunties wedding. You know the type - the ones that get everyone on the dance floor.

7 Minute Work out

Its surprising after my walk, I still feel like I want to do something else and that's because exercising released happy hormones. I do the arms workout and the legs workout by then it's a good 15 minutes of toning and I feel fresh.

Read a book

I love to read in the afternoon with a cup of tea - anyone else drinking cup after cup during lockdown. We are definitely a nation that loves tea.

Business books, romantic stories where boy meets girl in New York kind of thing and I love Danielle Steele's

Books. I like reading a mixture of anything, anything that takes you away and for an hour or so you can feel brand new and uplifted.

What are you going to do during lockdown to keep you focussed? Join our walking challenge - Each day commit to walking 30 minutes a day in the fresh air, Me & Mum certainly are.



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