How Dermalux Can Help Anti Ageing

Dermalux LED is light therapy which is an approved medical device which can treat many skin concerns and problems.

This treatment is a non invasive treatment to help natural rejuvenation without pain and downtime.

Dermalux can help boost your complexion leaving you with smoother refined skin.

You will notice a difference with fine lines, as Red light combined with NIR helps boost collagen and elasticity resulting in rejuvenation.

The majority of clients that want to achieve anti ageing results we typically use Red & NIR.

Red light energises to cells and accelerate renewal, boost collagen and elasticity which increases hydration for firmer skin.

NIR travels deeper into the skin which promotes healthy skin calms redness and irritation it also helps reduce pigmentation.

From the first treatment you will help restore your vitality and glow as it increased hydration.

We offer a course of treatments which can be took ideally twice a week.

The treatment involves a cleanse and a 30 minute session of light therapy to your skin followed by a SPF and moisteriser.

A course will help boost optimum cell activation, supercharge your skin for visible and lasting improvements.

We also offer a LED Facial where it is a full cleansing facial with 20 minute upgrade which will boost your results combined with your facial. Ideally we recommend a LED Facial once a month.

Start your treatment plan to restore your vitality and glow,

Book your dermalux treatment here;

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