All About Our Anti Ageing Facial..

We offer two types of facials at AVA Beauty In Ashton.

Our more targeted facial consists of products enriched with retinol and vitamins.

The cleanser we use is cream base which helps remove trapped impurities with added benefits for your skin as the creams main ingredient is vitamin E and retinol.

These ingredients help hydrate the skin to minimize fine line and wrinkles, creating a smoother, firmer more radiant looking skin.

Secondly we use our gel cleanser which gently exfoliates the skin along with hydrating with vitamin E to reduce the signs of ageing.

Next up is our most talked about face mask we offer - gold peel off mask.

Its the talk of the salon, our regular clients love it.

This mask helps illuminate and firm your skin with you feeling a little pull whilst its setting. The mask helps your skin feel super smooth afterwards, leaving your skin firm and brighter.

It also smells lovely as it has flower extracts to nourish and restore the skin.

You can book one of our fantastic Anti Ageing Facials by clicking this link below.

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