Acne Awareness Month

Acne is a skin condition that many people suffer from at some point in their life which can be triggered by many factors but the main being when the hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells.

More people are having acne or similar conditions due to the mask wearing at the moment.

Our follicles contain oil gland which releases oil up the hair onto our skin, When our pores have excess dead skin which could be from a lack of exfoliation pores can become blocked.

We suggest now is the time if you've not already - Start exfoliation once a week is sufficient and really is beneficial to your skin. (If your a make up wearer your skin will thank you for it - Smoother skin = flawless make up)

Tanning in the sun may be a nice option to plenty of us especially when we are starting to get better weather, However with the sun drying our skin it enables our oil glands to produce more oil to help hydrate our skin which in the long run can make acne worse. (SPF & Hydration is key)

Avoid also washing your face too often (I know that sounds crazy), Sometimes we can over stimulate our gland and we are not giving enough time for our skin to do its natural processes.

If you feel like you want to up your skincare regime at home here is some top tips.


Cleanse Face Circular Motions around the face and sweeping down the neck with a Cleansing lotion. (Remove with warm mitts)

Toner Spritz - Spritz over the face and allow to air dry for 2 minutes

Moisterise - 10 pence piece of moisterise for face and neck.

This is a sufficient and easy to do regime for the morning, If wearing make up dont forget your primer after your moisterise (it helps add an layer of protection to the skin)


Remove Make Up - Cleansing balm its thicker and works just that little deeper. (Remove with mitts)

Toner Spritz & Moisterise.


Exfoliation - Work in circular motions for 2 - 3 Minutes

Mask it - Apply a 50 pence piece worth of product and evenly spread on face and neck area.

We have brand new products within the salon which are Infused with essential oils, focusing to cleanse, treat & hydrate the skin.

These products have literally had a huge impact on helping me achieve clearer skin I just needed to get them in the salon for you.

Have you booked your facial appointment ?

I would love to hear your feedback on our new skincare products.

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