5 Ways To Improve Your Wellbeing.

Let's talk about mental health and our wellbeing, now the first few weeks maybe two months of this lockdown I was focussed.

I was keeping a routine, I was out walking then all of a sudden I lost my mojo.

The days became repetitive, my mind wandered and I just couldnt shake off these feeling of worry and mixed feelings.

In my profession we talk alot to you about your mental health, your wellbeing, your aftercare advice after treatments and I realised I need to take some of my own advice.

I did some research, I made a list of what i wanted to do to get me focused and active again.

Here are 5 tips that will help to improve your wellbeing in this strange time.

Switch off that news

We know that negativity creates more negativity, step away from the tv, turn it off or opt for music channels the ones where it's the name and you can peacefully listen to music. Opt for music that lifts your moods and reminds you of happy times.

Read that book

We have all got that one book or magazine we keep meaning to read but put it off, find that half hour of quiet time and let your mind get lost in a book. I'm currently reading a book about creating good habits.

Get enough sleep

With not having to get up early for work, I've become a night owl staying up watching rubbish programs and scrolling on my phone. Turn off all distractions and keep a routine. I've set my phone to go to grey scale at 10pm, my notifications switch off and my screen goes grey.

Cook or bake

Now it might seem the obvious and everyone is baking bread or cakes, but I jumped on the baking train and I baked a carrot cake.

I felt good afterwards, I had took time out for myself to do something fun but yet relaxing and a sense of achievement left me feeling I had done some proactive that day.

Have a pamper

Grab a little body lotion and apply it to your foot and give yourself a little foot massage, releasing tension in your feet is a good feel good factor and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Enjoy trying these, I hope they help if you also are feeling a bit stuck and out of routine. Its definitely helped me.


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