5 Reasons We Should Meditate

We all know that every day stresses are becoming more intense.

Whether your working or running errands or maybe both.

Homeschooling and working from home was thrown into the mixture too.

I've been quite honest expressing how the lockdowns was tough, I had to find stuff to occupy myself to keep sane from doing couch to 5k to taking up walking, baking and book reading again.

Recently I have started to meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed.

It really does help, the session in the morning awakens you, sets you up for the day mentally and the evening session helps me relieve stress, worries and relax before bed. Which has actually helped me sleep better.

I started by searching meditation and positive affirmations on various listening channels. They really do put that spring back into your step.

Here is 5 Reasons You Should Try Meditation.

1) Reduces Stress

2) Controls anxiety

3) Promotes emotional health

4) Help with addictions & OCD

5) Creates Kindness

Start off with 15 minutes a day, either listening to a guided meditation where you listen to a voice talking you through what to do or positive affirmations.

Dont knock it till you've tried it, I used to think I dont have time or patience to do meditation. Lockdown changed that and now it's a must. It's amazing what little things can do to help you feel more relaxed and calm.


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