Here is a breakdown of our most asked questions..

How do I book an appointment ?

You can book online via our booking system, You can choose multiple treatments, followed by your date and time. You will be requested to confirm your chosen time along with data protection. You will need to pay 50% deposit or you can pay in full. 

Are all treatments available ?  Any restrictions ? 

We are good to go for all treatments, from eyebrows to facials to pedicures. You can book any treatment you have been waiting for.  ( Please note we advise you to allow 3 days after a vaccination before you have salon treatments )

Do I need a patch test for some treatments ?

Yes you will need a tint test 48 hours prior to your treatment, If you have had a vaccination please leave 2 weeks before booking a tint test. (This includes Brow, Lash Tints & Lash Lifts)

If you have had the COVID 19 Virus, You will need a patch test after two weeks of your last negative test.

Do I need to wear a face covering ?

We are encouraging all clients to still wear masks within reception, entering and leaving the salon, along with close contact treatment such as brows & lashes, manicures & pedicures. Our priority is always to keep everyone safe along with our family and yours. 

Are drinks back on the menu ?

Yes - We can provide bottled water or hot drinks in disposable cups. There will be a lined bin for you to place your disposable cups on the way out of the salon.

I have a voucher that has expired in lockdown, What happens ?

You can use your voucher for treatments or retail products, Vouchers have been extended for the period of lockdown. 

Have your opening hours changed ? 

No - We are keeping with the same hours, Which can be found on the main page or booking page.

Can I bring my children to an appointment ? 

Unfortunately during this period we can not have any one waiting for customers whilst they are having treatments. This includes children.

Will you be having your vaccine ? 

We have had both doses of vaccine along with our booster and will still be wearing our PPE and adhering to safety guidelines.

Will walk ins be available ?

We will be operating by an appointment only system - You can book online via our easy to use system. 

I have travelled from abroad any restrictions ?

You need to follow the travel guidelines regarding a PCR test and isolating till your result, due to vulnerable family members  along with clients that have underlying conditions and vulnerable family members themselves, here we want to keep everyone safe so we require you to leave 10 days before your appointment once in the UK. 

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, You can email info@avabeautysalon.co.uk